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Schools, Choices, And Children: Picking Your Kid's School

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Schools, Choices, And Children: Picking Your Kid's School

Montessori Child Care: A Must-Have For Your Toddler

by Nevaeh Watkins

Working parents rely on child care centers to keep their children safe while they are on the job. Selecting a child care center can be a challenge, but limiting your search to centers that have adopted a Montessori approach can be beneficial for your children in the future. This is especially true if you are seeking reliable child care for your toddler.

Montessori learning is often thought of as being aimed at school-age children, but your toddler can benefit greatly from spending time in a child care center with Montessori philosophies.

A Focus on Learning

Any child care center will be able to watch over your toddler and ensure his or her safety, but a center with a Montessori approach to child care will also give your toddler the opportunity to learn. Toddlers go through many sensitive periods. These are periods in which learning is accelerated and new skills are developed quickly.

Some examples of sensitive periods in your child's future include the development of the ability to grasp objects, gaining the ability to crawl and walk, and the ability to discern patterns and shapes. Montessori childcare focuses on these sensitive periods and provides your toddler with access to learning aids that can enhance development.

A Creative Environment

The toddler room in a Montessori child care center will be much different from the toddler rooms in other care centers. Montessori principles are applied to the design of the room. You will find bright colors and well-defined shapes that will stimulate your child's sense of spatial awareness.

You will also find age-appropriate sensory toys that will keep your child engaged while simultaneously sharpening their sense of touch, sight, and smell. The basic design of a Montessori toddler room promotes growth and learning while keeping your child entertained.

Purposeful Play

All child care centers give the toddlers in their care time to play. With a Montessori care center, playtime always has a purpose. Lesson plans are implemented by care facility staff that are designed to improve motor skills, language recognition, and communication.

Many facilities even begin teaching a basic understanding of science, math, and the arts. Enrolling your toddler in a Montessori care facility will help prepare him or her for success in the classroom and beyond.

Take the time to find a Montessori-focused child care center for your toddler. This type of facility will not only care for your toddler but help him or her develop valuable skills that will last a lifetime.