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When the time came to choose a school for my children, I was overwhelmed by all of the choices. From public school to private school, with charter schools and cyber schools as well, I had no idea where to start. I finally jumped into the research with precision focus so that I could fully understand the choices. My research was exhaustive, and there was no single source to find all of the details in one place. I created this site to build just that. I hope that the information here helps you to find the school that's right for your child.

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Schools, Choices, And Children: Picking Your Kid's School

How To Get More Out Of Your Flight Lessons

by Nevaeh Watkins

Earning your pilot's license is sure to be one of the most rewarding things you do in your life -- but it is not enough to get your license and be an "okay" pilot. For safety reasons, you really want to be the best pilot you can be. You never know when an emergency will happen and the extra skills or knowledge you've accumulated will come in handy. To be the best you can be, you should aim to get the most out of each flight lesson. Here's how to do just that:

Prepare for Each Lesson

While you can't exactly practice flying in advance of your lesson, you can look over the material for the lessons so that when your lesson arrives, the information you're hearing is familiar. Read through the parts of the manual related to the upcoming lesson, taking notes as you do. You can also do a little practicing by sitting in an arm chair and running through the maneuvers for the upcoming lessons with imaginary controls.

Arrive to Your Lesson Well-Rested and Relaxed

If you're tired then you won't be able to focus, so you won't absorb as much from the lesson. The same is true if you are stressed out. Go to bed early the night before your lesson, and if you're feeling anxious, practice some stress-relief techniques like deep breathing, yoga, or meditation. Stay away from coffee in the hours before your lesson so you're not overly anxious and wired.

Organize and Settle In

When you step into the cockpit, take a moment to acclimate yourself before you start in with the lesson. If your instructor seems to be charging ahead with the lesson, just ask if you can take a moment before you begin. Make sure your sectionals, navigation charts, and flight plans are all organized and within reach. Remind yourself where each control is. Then, you won't have to break focus to worry about these things during the lesson.

Have Lessons More Often

The longer you wait between lessons, the more you will forget. Try to schedule your lessons as regularly as possible. Having one a week is a good start; some people even like to have two per week. Make attending your lessons a priority; don't reschedule them unless it is an absolute emergency.

If you adhere to the tips above, you will get more out of your flight training, which can help to make you a better pilot